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Alicante Province Seeing Record High For Tourism

Alicante is being shown to be one of the favourite destinations for holiday makers this year. Although usually a slower month January 2016 has seen more than 3.5 million tourists. It is an 11.2% increase on the same period in 2015.

This increase seems to be set to continue through out the year. Some 20% of foreign visitors are from the United Kingdom. Ryan Air is one of the carriers who are putting on more routes to Alicante Airport for this year.

The increasing demand of Alicante region as a tourist destination is a very positive sign for home owners who let out their property to holiday makers and for those looking to invest in the property market in Spain and in particular the Alicante province.

The last quarter of 2015 saw some 17% of property purchases made by non Spanish clients. This is another growing sign that the region is becoming popular for both tourists and investors. A further indicator is the level inquiries Spain Estate Agents have received, which has grown, especially from British residents.

With a relaxation of the pension rules in the UK it would appear some people are looking to get a return on some of their capital.

Other potential buyers are looking for a more relaxed way of life in a warmer climate.